Friday Favorites 6.05

Interesting Facts
  • Caitlyn Jenner broke Obama's record of the time it took getting to 1 million twitter followers.
  • Yahoo will be the first to live-stream an NFL game across the globe on all devices for free! YES! (it's the Jaguars v. Bills on 10/25)
  • You can remember about 3-4 things (for about 20 seconds) and then they will disappear from memory unless you repeat them several times.

Internet Findings

Blog Love

  • I went rock climbing & bouldering on Sunday with Chris- it was a lot of fun! I found out that I definitely prefer bouldering. Heights are NOT my thing at all- even with a harness.
  • I secured an interview- my first "career job" interview- I almost started crying because I was so happy/relieved. This hunt has had a lot of challenges. Wish me luck, please! (:
  • I've been stifled creatively for a while plus I don't make time for it- so I haven't posted anything in that realm for a long time. This weekend I'm trying a simple Pinterest project so I can't wait to share on the blog next week!
How has your week/weekend been? 

Finance (Transparent May)

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I wanted to document my spending for a multitude of reasons, as I touched on here. I didn't start on the first day of May, but this is where I ended up for the month!

Some of the reasons why the miscellaneous purchases were so high:
- $170 set of 3 piercings with earrings and tip
- I got Chris some expensive items as an apology for a pretty bad fight we had*
- Bought my dad his Father's day gifts early!
- Bought some hair supplies and craft supplies like this & this- can you guess what I'm going to make? (;

This obviously doesn't include rent, electricity, etc. just spending on things I can more or less control. How're you staying accountable and keeping track of your spending? Are you saving up for anything right now?

*We don't really fight anymore (yey! that's mostly due to me calming down and working on my flaws...) but I was pretty hurtful unintentionally so I wanted him to know that I was sorry with more than just words. 

How I'm Coping with 5 Summer Grad Classes

1 / Make schedules for exams (as pictured). I did this for my 2 professional teacher certification tests and that worked out really well, and I'm doing it now for my midterm for measurement. This'll create a sense of urgency and it'll count down the days until your test. This method would also be perfect for projects! If you fall behind a few days- don't worry. I definitely did on my last exam schedule and because I crossed off the things I did do, I knew what I still had left to study and just doubled-up when I had more time.

2 / Try to do a little bit each day. Even if you're only reading half a chapter, you're one step closer to your ultimate goal. You retain more when you study each day and it spreads the work further.

3 / Write everything down! While this might seem like a no-brainer, it might not be everyone's go-to. Right now I'm staying simple by using a piece of notebook paper, separating my "to-do" list by classes, and writing down what I need to get done in a week's time (or whatever fits best).

4 / Tackle the worst/biggest item FIRST, early in the day (if possible). We all dread that one project or set of readings and we want to push it off. Maybe we even get other things done in the meantime (great- but still not what you need to be doing). When you tackle this (it may take a while), you feel a million times closer to being done with your to-do list since this was the biggest and most daunting. Plus, everything else is minute in comparison. (;

5 / The more you do, the more you want to get done. I remember reading or hearing this and thinking to myself how incredibly true it was! Once I cross something off of my to-do list, I want to keep that momentum going. So, it's good to schedule a whole block of time to getting it done. I like to start early in the morning and keep the ball rolling. Once in a while I'll take breaks, and sometimes even multi-task with playing a game when things get super boring. (although that's not efficient- try to avoid it as much as possible)

6 / Take it one day at a time- especially if you have a ton of stuff due relatively soon. Look at the pressing issues at hand and only worry about those for the time being.You can only do so much, and stressing constantly won't help!

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Second: My instagram

Friday Favorites 5.29

Interesting Facts
  • When you blush, your stomach lining also reddens.
  • Humans are the only mammals in the world who can't breathe and swallow at the same time.
  • Human bone (especially the femur) is 4x stronger than concrete.

Internet Findings

Blog Love

  • I've been playing Hearthstone religiously- I love this game! (you can get it on your pc, ipad and/or iphone/android!) Let me know if you play too (;
  • What I've learned in the last few weeks is that going on field trips with students is so intense- so I give so many kudos to my teachers who let us go on amazing field trips... it must've been a nightmare to plan & carry out!
  • It's already the end of May! I feel like this summer is going to go by too fast.
How has your week been? Have you found any great links lately? (:

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101 in 1001 Update: Vol. 7

See my list here! It's been ten months since I've posted it, and so far, I've been able to cross off 33 things from the list! (7 new things since the last update)

11. Go to a spa and make a day out of it (05.06.15)
Write a letter to myself to be opened on my 30th birthday (05.04.15)
Try something different with my hair (04.30.15)

44. Throw out/donate 20 things without replacement (20/20) (04.04.15)
Try some yoga classes (05.14.15)
89. Take a trip with the girls (05.05.15)
95. Do a "write daily" journal- Our Q&A (03.20.15)

Goals in progress-

12. Watch all movies on AFI's 100 list (original & updated) (19/123)
14. Earn a 3.9 GPA in my Master's program
15. Read 5 biographies (2/5)
19. Read 50 new books (6/50)
Watch 25 documentaries (6/25)

24. Put $20 in savings for every goal completed (440/2020)
27. Catalog all expenses (for at least 2 months)
40. Wear my retainer at least twice a month (7/66)
85. Volunteer 66 times (roughly twice a month) (11/66)
99. Watch all the movies & shows on Chris's list

How are your 101 in 1001 lists coming along? Add a link to yours in the comments- I'd love to take a look! (:

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Currently in May...

Listening: To an audio book, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

Watching: The Flash, Law & Order: SVU, American Crime, Game of Thrones, Fringe, Scandal, The Blacklist, & Grey's Anatomy

Reading: So many research articles for school! 

Buying: Hair products! A flat iron, hairspray, deep cleanse shampoo/conditioner & Nylabone for Shadow

Crafting: An art journal for #the100dayproject - although I'm already behind!

Wearing: Summer clothes! Shorts, dresses and skirts to stay comfortable in this heat.

Eating: Out still, but not as often- trying to be better (:

Planning: How to get all these applications and schoolwork done

Feeling: Wonderful because of my yoga classes twice a week!

Loving: Where I am in life right now.

Hating: The insane amount of homework and work that I've been trying to get done. #summerisalmostover - right?!

Hoping: I can get a full time job in a few months!

Excited: About the recent House Hunters binge Chris and I have been going through the past few nights. Netflix: get the rest of the seasons, please! (there's only one)

What have you been doing this month? (:

Friday Favorites 5.22

Interesting Facts
  • Breaking your day up into designated times for social media, e-mail, etc. will help your productivity.
  • Do the most difficult task on your to do list first: if you bite the bullet, you'll get that weight off your shoulders & be more productive the rest of the day.
  • American Pharoah's racing manager is a college senior!

Internet Findings

Blog Love

  • Last Friday I said I was going to try a PiYo class... it was great! I got just the right level of intensity and having someone to go with keeps me motivated.
  • Taking PiYo and Power Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays are really helping my attitude and mood. I'm taking better care of my body, relieving stress and getting out of the house with friends. I'm not even an exercise person but I love it!
  • The first birthday party I went to last Saturday was awesome! The baby was beyond cute and Chris & I played corn hole, beer pong, and ate a ton. #thisisthelife
I'm not sure how I'll be spending Memorial Day on Monday- what will you be doing? 

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